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Engineered Wood Flooring Exeter
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Hardwood Flooring Exeter
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Installation Guidelines
Pre-delivery Conditions
Before the flooring is delivered to site, it is essential that all wet trades including plastering, concreting and decorating should be completed and the building must be fully dry. All windows and doors must be already installed and watertight. As a vague guide, the approximate drying time for sand and cement based screed is 1mm per day for the first 50mm and 2.5mm per day thereafter. Based on this, a 50mm screed will take roughly 2 months to dry out, while a 100mm screed could take up to 6 months. Plaster can take up to 6 weeks or more to completely dry.
Subfloor Preparation
The subfloor will ideally by prepared for installation in accordance with the industry standards outlined in BS-8201-2011. The subfloor must be in good structural condition and free from damp, rot, fungal and insect infestation or contaminating residues. Irregularities in the surface should not exceed 3mm over a 2m area and the floor must be free from dust, in a clean and vacuumed condition. Hot pipes should be well insulated to prevent heat warping and hot spots under the floor that could also lead to shrinkage.
Heating Systems

Before you new engineered wood flooring arrives on site, the temperature and atmospheric humidity (RH) of the room must be stable. Any air conditioning and heating systems must be commissioned and in operation for at least two weeks before fitting your flooring. If you are installing underfloor heating, we always recommend that engineered wood flooring is installed rather than solid wood floors for its increased stability provided by the multi layered construction. Contractors that install solid wood flooring over under floor heating, do so at their own risk.


Before installing your wooden flooring, ensure that all flooring has been acclimatised in the room it is to be fitted. The boxes should remain sealed, unopened and lay flat, ideally in the centre of the room or with a minimum distance of 50cm from the walls. It is essential that you do not store your flooring outdoors in an outbuilding or a room known to have ventilation, damp or condensation problems. The site conditions need to match those which will prevail when the floor is in use.

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