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Engineered Wood Flooring Exeter
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Hardwood Flooring Exeter
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Hardwood Floors Exeter
Unfinished flooring allows you to create the exact finish you are looking for. Bear in mind however that not every finish looks identical when applied to different floors. Be sure to view the colour or finish on the exact floor that is being used.
Hardwood Flooring Exeter
Oil finishes penetrate the surface of the wood and bring out the natural grain. Choosing an oiled finish allows for isolated areas of damage, such as scratches to be easily re-touched without the need for any major sanding work.
Hardwood Flooring Exeter
A lacquered floor finish boasts a smooth and glossy appearance with a hardwearing and durable surface that is easy to maintain.
Hardwood Flooring Exeter
A brushed finish is machined to create a more textured appearance, raising the grain on the timber and making it visible to the naked eye. Different levels of brushing can be used to achieve a different look and feel.
Hardwood Floors Exeter

The handscraping process involves each board being individually handscraped lengthways to create a unique appearance and texture. Handscraping is designed to create an aged look with irregular ridges and grooves, adding depth and warmth yet retaining a smooth feel.

Hardwood Floors Exeter
Aged and Distressed

Similar to handscraping, each plank is distressed by hand, resulting in a textured surface, creating a naturally aged and rustic appearance.

Hardwood Flooring Exeter
Bevelled Edge
A bevelled edge finish, although not visible on each individual board is clearly visible once installed. Bevelled edges add definition to each board, creating a natural appearance.
Hardwood Floors Exeter
Square Edge
Not visible on the individual edge, the square edge creates a completely uniform look and smooth surface finish.
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