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Engineered Wood Flooring Exeter
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Engineered Wood Flooring Exeter
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Suitability of Engineered Wood Flooring
Living Rooms
Living and sitting rooms generally maintain a stable temperature as well as low levels of moisture and footfall making engineering wood flooring ideal for a these rooms.
It is possible to lay engineered wood flooring in your kitchen but you should be aware that if any liquids are spilt they should be mopped up immediately and should, under no circumstances, be left to soak into the wood – be sure to keep your new flooring dry and free from spillages. If you plan to oil your engineered wood flooring, we would strongly recommend that once fitted, you give your new flooring a final coating of either lacquer or oil to help seal in between the natural gaps between boards.
Although engineered wood flooring can be a fantastic alternative to carpeting your bathroom floor, we would strongly recommend that once fitted, you give your new flooring a final of either lacquer or oil to help seal in between the natural gaps between boards and eliminate any liquid seeping in between the planks.
Conservatories have a tendency to change temperature throughout the year making engineered oak flooring a fantastic option due to its high level of resistance when it comes to changing temperatures.
Using in-conjunction with Underfloor Heating
Engineered wood flooring has a high level of resistance to heat. Due to its clever multi- layer design, engineered wood flooring will not swell and shrink as the temperature changes making it the ideal flooring option for underfloor heating.
Engineered wood flooring is a fantastic solution for your stairs, not only is it stable but it also provides high levels of grip to help eliminate any potential trips and slips which can occur with other types of flooring.

Our friendly team, based in Exeter can provide you with expert advice when it comes to selecting the best flooring for your application. Why not visit our comprehensive showroom to discover the perfect engineered wood flooring solution for your property.

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