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Engineered Wood Flooring Exeter
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Engineered Wood Flooring Exeter
Tips and Guides
Routine Care and Maintenance
Routine Care
We understand that engineered wood flooring is a huge investment and it essential that you know how to properly maintain and clean your wood floor, retaining its natural beauty.
Light Cleaning
Light cleaning such as sweeping regularly with a soft broom or vacuuming can help remove grit, dirt and dust. When vacuuming your floor, it is essential to use s soft brush attachment to help minimise any scratches.
Engineered wood flooring has many benefits for pet owners but as with anything, animals can cause damage to your floor. In order to keep your wood flooring in good condition, it is essential to keep your pet's claws trimmed to prevent scratches. Ensure you mop up any 'accidents' immediately to help avoid staining. To minimise the appearance of scratches, opt for a light coloured floor. Alternatively, an oiled finish will allow you to easily carry out spot repairs when required.
Since liquids and water are wooden flooring's natural enemy and ensure that any spillages should be removed promptly. Small drops of flooring may not damage your floor but excessive amounts of water can cause lasting damage and warping if left sitting.
Stilettos should be left at the door & heavy shoes avoided, Stilettos will dent & damage even the toughest of timbers.
Be sure not to expose your floor to direct sunlight as it can mellow in colour over time. Woods that are particularly susceptible to colour change are red woods including merbau, jatoba and cherry. To avoid this, move rugs and mats placed in these areas to help ensure the colour stays the same across the flooring and matures evenly.
Dragging furniture and other heavy objects across engineered wood flooring can cause damage. Here at Forrest Floors, we provide a wide variety of felt protectors and castor cups which allow furniture to be moved without causing damage to your flooring.
Floor Mats
Be sure to use good quality floor mats at entrances to help trap dirt and prevent unwanted damage. Underfoot grit will act as sandpaper, scratching your floor.
Ensure your mop is well rung when cleaning your engineered wood floor. Excessive amounts of liquid have the potential to seep down the join's in your floor and can cause permanent damage. Cleaning kits are specially formulated for both lacquered and oiled finishes and product refills are available.
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